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Riddick Rule The Dark  tells the story of Riddick  (Vin Diesel)  when he was attacked and left alone on a deserted planet. 

He had to live in a terrible environment and find a way out of this planet. 

By sending a distress signal There was meant to summon a bounty hunter to defeat him. Because he became a person with high bounty in the universe 

That anyone would want to deal with him for this bounty In which one of the bounty hunters who hunted him Is someone who has a grudge especially with Riddik!

In the beginning of the movie it is called A movie about the survival on the planet that touches the surface! It adds to the difficulty. Empty on the stars And Riddik’s solo show


The movie takes the first half an hour so that the viewer can follow the life of the character alone. Very risky If the lead star wasn’t strong enough yet,  Vin Diesel  was enough to survive.

Because of the weirdness of bragging how he will survive on this planet!ดูหนังออนไลน์

Rule The Dark  seems to be a film that believes in the potential of Riddick and Vin Diesel actors so much that it turned into a movie about finding a way out of Ryd’s mysterious star.

Dick Where everything we see in the movie is made for flattering, we feel Sooh, Riddik is the best person who can work around bad situations into a boring one-dimensional character. Because we do not know why we need to help or win in the situation with the characters that anything is possible!


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